Sunday, 10 March 2013

Farewell The Brunette Diaries and Moving on

Hiya everyone

As some of you may be aware I have been having problems with this blog for a while so therefore I have decided to end it.  This will be my last post on this blog, however its not really the end of blogging as I have set up a brand new blog "hooray" and here is the link below:

Anyone who likes reading my blog please can you do me a little favour and leave me a comment on the new blog so that I can add your blogs to my reading list.

I know it means starting all over again but I think its a good thing, I am hopefully going to be writing more posts on the new blog and have some new ideas for posts and I will be able to leave comments on your blogs again as with The Brunette Diaries I was experiencing problems receiving and leaving comments.

Anyway its bye bye to this blog :( its rather sad really as I have so many followers, not that the amount of followers bothers me...I do blogging as I love talking about clothes and beauty etc its just I have had this blog for a few years so its the end of an era.

I just want to take the opportunity to thank all of you lovely people who read my blog and for following me and leaving me lovely comments. 
I really am so grateful for each and every one of you :) 

Take care


Sunday, 3 March 2013

A little haulage - Primark & New Look


Yesterday a friend and I went to Cardiff for the day.  Trouble is we don't get much time to look in many shops as we tend to spend ages in Primark....I love Primark in Cardiff though.

Here is my haulage:

Firstly in Primark I bought this nude vanity bag.....I love this it actually looks a lot more expensive than it was and feels like leather. I am putting this in the bathroom with all my toiletries in.

Navy & White stripe cardigan - a bargain for £6.00. 


Lace PJ Bottoms - love this they are not actual lace but have like a lace effect...they are gorgeous.  My friend also bought a pair too.
I love the fact Primark are now selling bigger cup sizes now and I purchased this bra its lovely and was only £7.00

Pretty hairslides ( I always am a sucker for these!!)

In New Look I got this Shopper bag, this is actually going to be my gym bag as I hate anything sporty so thought this would be its quite spacious.

Cute socks, I really needed some new socks to wear inside my boots

Mint Cardigan - loving mint colour for Spring


Just a quick update...the new job is going really well and I am lot more settled and happier.  Also the gym is going well I go 3 times a week which includes Zumba, Step and Pump.  I love Zumba I think its the best fitness class I have ever done.  I think going to the gym has improved my confidence and is making me feel a lot better.  I am hoping I see some results soon.  I have only been going for a couple of weeks so there is only a small difference.

Take care

Saturday, 2 March 2013

25 Random Facts About Me.


I have seen this tag on a few blogs and thought I would give it a go...I was unsure at the start whether there were 25 random facts..................

1) I have a big aversion to black shoes.  I own one pair of black heels which I hardly wear.  I love my ballet pumps but I just have this thing about black ballet pumps I hate them so much!

2) I nearly drowned once and so therefore I never learnt to swim

3) I have to be tanned.

4) I thought Fifty Shades of Grey was rubbish!

5) I love real crime series

6) I am only 5ft 3in but have been called Leggy Lisa because I have slender pins and tiny ankles..people always comment on my legs

7) I hate nuts & seafood! yuck

8) I take ages to get onto an escalator if its going down.....its actually rather embarassing and I tend to avoid them and take the stairs... I am weird!

9)  I did ballet and tap as a child

10) I love pizza but it has to have pineapple on it

11) I hate bitches and bullies

12) I don't like heights or being closed in

13) I worry a lot and over analyse everything

14) I don't drink much at all..I don't really like the taste of alcohol!  But I don't need a drink to enjoy myself and have a good time.

15) I have always had long hair since the age of about 5

16) I auditioned for Deal or No Deal

17) I am a scorpio

18)  I am very approachable and friendly.

19) I have been into Burger King/McDonalds before and ordered a burger and chucked the burger away and ate the bun.  I love the gherkin!!! ha ha

20) I am really fussy about perfume and there are not many perfumes I like. I love sweet smelling perfumes....Britany Spears Fantasy is my favourite perfume.

21)  A part of me would love to be a police officer

22) I have never been to Nando's!

23)  I love all types of music from classical to rock and everything in between but I hate Rap.

24)  I decided to run away from home when I was 14, I had the idea that I would sleep outside the police station in town as that would be safest ha ha. I got to the end of my road and rang my parents and they found me in the phone box ...embarassing!

25) I am really clumsy!
I tag anyone who wants to do this :)