Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Look small haul


Yesterday I popped into New Look to spend some of my gift cards and here is what I purchased.
Firstly my most favourite purchase has to be this gorgeous black lace clutch bag.  I absolutely love this bag is beautiful and it looks a lot more expensive than it was. Its like a fake suede material with lace and has a very thin gold chain as a strap...its gorgeous ♥  They also have this in red.

Peplum black top - used the photo from the website as mine was rubbish.

Kelly Brook cream bra

Also New Look had their jewellery on buy one get one free so I purchased these goregeous earrings and hair slides
I cannot wait to receive the 2 pairs of boots I ordered them both.
Also in Primark I did purchase a pretty make up bag as my old one was looking rather tatty.  
and some berry scented candles

Well I hope you all had a great weekend.
Oh and thankyou for all your lovely comments on me winning the New Look prize.  I was in two minds whether to mention it because I was worried people would feel I was boasting, but I was just so overjoyed as like I said before I rarely win anything. 

Oh well back to work tomorrow.......... the weekends just go too quickly.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

♥ Outfit post and new earrings ♥

Hiya ladies

Well following on from my previous post I still don't think I have gotten over the shock of it.

I popped into town today and I did buy a few things in New Look with my vouchers but in the end I did not spend as much as I thought I would.  I actually only spent £40.00.

I will do a post tomorrow to show you my buys.

This was my outfit I wore into town today:

with flash

without flash

Dress - Select
Pink Cardigan = Primark
Tan skinny belt - New Look
Boots - Primark
120 denier tights - Asos

I also wore my new Forever 21 earrings

This afternoon I helped out at a charity jumble sale and now I am eating an apple covered in chocolate with hundred and thousands...yummy! I wish they sold these all the time and not just at Halloween.  I am also listening to 80's and 90's music on you tube.

I rediscovered these two classics I love these songs.

Whenever I listen to Mary's Prayer it reminds me of how great the 80's were.  I know the fashion was pretty dire and there were some dodgy hairstyles but it was a truly great era. 



Friday, 26 October 2012

I have won free clothes for a year......!

I cannot believe it!!!  Last July I signed up for New Look's newsletter and it states you get entered into a free draw to win £1200 (12 x £100) for every month of the year.
Anyway this week I had a rather lovely email in my inbox saying I had been chosen as the winner...there was a bit of a misunderstanding though as I thought there were 12 winners winning £100 each.  I was so thrilled with having £100 of New Look vouchers. 

I asked New Look to send the voucher to my in laws house as we are at work so today on my way home I picked up the envelope which had been sent special delivery.  Anyway inside there was 12 New Look gift cards so I thought 'thats odd there must be £10 on each and maybe 2 were spare' ! as it had mentioned about getting 50p off when you top up the cards.  Its only when I re read the email realised I had actually won £1200 and there is £100 on each voucher...wowsers!
I cannot believe it I am not overly lucky so I am in total shock.
I have already spent £70 tonight as I ordered these 2 pairs of boots I have been lusting over for a while and I ordered my mum a cardigan that she wanted.
Well I think I need a lie down now to get over the shock, needless to say I am going to treat my close friends and family too.
I was going into town tomorrow anyway and guess where I am headed.... I have seen a gorgeous cream coat and a fake fur jacket I really want plus I want some nice black heels, a black party dress as its a special birthday for me in November!!!
Have a lovely weekend

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lunchtime treats ♥

Hiya ladies, hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

Last week I purchased a couple of things on my lunch break.

I had a credit note for Select as I took something back ages ago, anyway I noticed this gorgeous little dress and when I tried it on it looked really lovely.

Select is not one of those shops I often go in as some of their stuff is a bit 'chavvy' but they do have some really nice things in there sometimes.


I love the floral print

I also bought Boots No17 Nude Smoke eyeshadow trio.  I saw this on another blog and I thought it looked so pretty.
This is without the flash

with flash

and for a tasty lunchtime treat....girly pink iced cute and yummy!!!


Friday, 19 October 2012

GHD Gold!

Hello everyone
Well I have finally got with the year 2012 and bought myself some GHD's!!
I have been 'umming and ahhing' for years over whether they were worth the ridiculous price tag but my old straighteners just don't cut the mustard and I finally have given up on them.   I am sceptical if I am honest as my hair is mega thick, long and wavy and although I llke wavy hair I also like my hair straight and curly (using straighteners).
I have not used them yet so will let you know what I think of them...........

I have heard rave reviews about these, I have even been told by many people that these are better for your hair than cheaper straighteners and they don't damage your hair as this true?
What do you think of GHD's?  Do you think they are worth the price tag??

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Blog Love - Part 1

Hello ladies

Did you all watch Felix Baumgartner jump from the edge of space on Sunday?  I was glued to the screen and found it all so amazing...I mean you have to be pretty gutsy to jump from that height and just how amazing did the earth look below.  I also could not help noticing how hot Felix is...I  have a little crush ha ha.  Even my 18 year old neice fancies him..ha ha


This is a new feature I think I will be doing every month where I will mention a few blogs that I regularly follow and love reading.
Firstly I have Charlotte from  Charlotte is a fashion and lifestyle blogger.  I love her outfit posts as she is imaginative and really pulls some great outfits together. She loves her coloured tights and dresses and she has amazing long hair! ♥
Secondly is Victoria from  Victoria is a girl after my own heart she loves all things girly and floral.  She loves Cath Kidston and I personally love every thing she buys.   She also enjoys baking and makes some delicious cakes and she has a cute litte cat named Merlin. Also her bedroom is just a girly paradise...I love it. ♥
Thirdly is Vicky from . I love this lady she is amazing.  She loves her vintage second hand clothes and she loves a good rumble in the jumble and car boot sales where she gets some amazing buys.  She is a brilliant seamstress and can totally transform something ordinary into extraordinary.  She has fabulous style and an amazing life.  She also loves her cats and I love her hair! ♥
Fourth is Sophie from, I love how Sophie is so thrifty and she always puts amazing outfits together.   She always takes photos in her garden, which is just stunning.  We are actually penpals...although I don't get to write to her as much as I would like..sorry Sophie ♥
I hope you enjoyed this post and look out because your blog could be featuring on here very soon.
Take care

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Outfit Post & a mini Primark haul

Sorry I have not been posting much of late but I have been so busy.  Ollie is settling in well, he is still nervous at times but he is extremely affectionate and loving.  I think he is loving his new home!
I thought I would do a quick outfit post.  Today we are having a family dinner and this is my outfit.
I think I look a bit chunky around the waist in this photo but this dress is a size 12 and its actually a bit too big for me around the waist.  I have lost a bit of weight so thats a good thing.
I think it must be the angle of the photo because it does not look that bad in reality!!!  

Cream Lace dress - New Look via Ebay (in my previous post)
Shoe boots - BHS
Cardigan - Mango
Last week I popped into Primark and bought a few small things.
Firstly this navy blue ponte skirt - I am going to wear this to work with long tan boots or heels, this was only £7.00.  I love navy & tan together.
I also bought 2 pairs of ballet pumps the first pair are the new soft flex comfy ballet pumps Primark are doing and only £6.00.  I love tan shoes as I can wear these with shorter dresses and tights for work.
The cream and black ones were only £2.00 in the sale and they are very similiar to some that Dorothy Perkins were selling for £16.00.
Have a lovely weekend and I will be catching up on all your lovely blogs later today

Monday, 8 October 2012

Ebay purchase - part 2

Hello everyone
Following on from my previous post this was the 2nd dress I won courtesy of Ebay.
This is a New Look lace Peter pan collar dress and I got this for just for £4.

I love this dress its so pretty and reminds me of being rather 'vintage' looking.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ebay Purchase - Item 1

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

I bought two dresses from Ebay last week and this is the first one:
I managed to win this gorgeous Miss Selfridge Bow Print Tea Dress for a bargainous £3.00.  This was retailing at £37.00 in Miss Selfridge. 
I love this dress the material is really nice and its one of those dresses that can be worn any season with the right accessories.   
Item 2 will be posted tomorrow! 

Friday, 5 October 2012

♥ Our new ginger addition Ollie ♥

Hello everyone
Well as you all know our beloved cat Tommy sadly passed away a few weeks ago and we were both devastated.  I know people think its only a cat but Tommy was much more than a cat, he was our little baby and he will always be so dearly missed.
We missed hearing the sound of paws thudding around the place so in an attempt to try and make the house feel like a home again we decided to go to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary to look for another cat.  Holly Hedge is a lovely place literally in the middle of nowhere with fields and countryside all around.  
We browsed around the cats, there were so many looking for homes it was heartbreaking!  We were not going to get a ginger cat again as we thought it would bear too much resemblance to Tommy....but then we saw Orlando (now Ollie). 

At first we walked straight past him as he was hiding in a small box in his pen, we read the notes about him and they said that he had been there a while and had been overlooked by everyone because he was extremely shy and nervous so he did not sell himself.   He could not be homed with dogs as he is terrified of them or children so that ruled quite a few people out.  As we walked past his pen for the second time something made me stop...he was still hiding but as we spoke to him he started to venture out of the cramped box, we later found out he had not done this for anyone else who had visited.  We decided to go into his pen to see him and with that he rolled over and let Mike tickle his tummy...he was so cute but was very nervous and shy.
We were used to having a cat that was rather shy and nervous as Tommy was like a cat on a hot tin roof, I actually think that title was made for him!  But in time Tommy came around and gradually relaxed and trusted us.  Tommy was a street cat, he was a survivor, he was tough but he was also nervous of humans.   He only ever really trusted us and our family and close friends. RIP dear Tommy.

Ollie loves the camera


We immediately went to the reception and reserved Ollie, the lady on the reception was so happy as she said we had been the first people that had been interested in him and the first people he had been interested in! So he chose us as much as we chose him.
A few days later we had a home visit which we passed with no problems.  Luckily the lady who did the home visit had taken Ollie home for a few weeks as she wanted to adopt him but unfortunately her cat would not accept Ollie and kept trying to attack him.   She said he was really loving and affectionate and she rather fell in love him him.  She said she was in tears when she bought him back to the sanctuary so she was really glad that we wanted him.
We picked him up a week later and for the first week he interacted now and again, he is very affectionate and loving but also very nervous.  Sometimes when we go to stroke him his ears go flat back and he looks terrified like we are going to hit, sadly I wonder if he has been abused in the past!  All we know about him is that he is roughly 1 and a half to 2 years old and was found wandering the streets....hungry. 
He is starting to come out of his shell, he sleeps in our bed every night and loves to cuddle up with us.

Loving his new toy

Hopefully in time he will become even more trusting of us.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

♥No7 Lash Adapt Mascara♥

Hiya everyone
I have heard so many rave reviews about this mascara but I am always sceptical because in the past I have bought things that people have raved about and most of the time have been left disappointed.
I was in Boots the other day and I had a £3.00 off voucher for No7 so I thought I would give it a go.  It retails at 12.95 which is quite dear for a mascara but with the £3.00 off made it £9.95 which is about the price I'd usually pay.
I am so glad I bought it...its definitely the best mascara I have ever used.
Its one of those mascaras you can apply loads of coats and it builds up so easily without clumping and it makes my lashes look so long and full.  I have been after a mascara like this for ages as I have bought so many mascaras with the promise of 'longer fuller lashes' and 'no clumps' but they never live up to what they say! 
Here's what No7 say about this product:
This unique formula of No7 Lash Adapt Mascara puts lash control firmly into your hands, allowing you to take your look from day to night without fuss. Add up to 6 coats, clump free!
For more dramatic lashes in the evening, simply add more coats to build, define and volumise lashes to your desired look. Containing Jojoba Oil to condition and moisturise lashes to prevent them becoming brittle, lashes will be left soft, shiny and flexible even after eight layers.
I absolutely love it and will definitely be repurchasing this again.
Have you tried No7 Lash Adapt?
I am thinking now that maybe I should try more No7 products.
Take care